Hi! My name is Dee and Less Than Three – Naturally started as a desire to replace the items in my bathroom with products that I could be certain contained safe ingredients. After doing some research into what is actually in some of the commercial skin and body care products, I realised that I couldn’t be sure of what the labels were telling me or what the ingredients actually were.

So, I did some further research and some study and started formulating my own products. I have always been interested in DIY, essential oils and natural products and was excited by all the ingredients available. My first success was the Lavender & Ylang Ylang hand cream that I made for my Mother in Law. She loved it so much she asked me to make some for her friends for Christmas. After gifting hand cream to other friends and family, they also stared asking for more, for themselves and to give as gifts.

Each time I made a new product, there was always too much for me to use, so I would share. And they would keep coming back for more. This encouraged me to share my products further, so that anyone who was interested in trying to live cleaner and reduce their toxic load, could access affordable, natural skincare and be assured that the products they were using, were as safe as could be.

I enjoy having customers return and tell me how much they loved my product. It makes me do a little happy dance inside and encourages me to continue providing affordable, natural skincare.

And as they say, the rest is history……

Oh, how did I get the name Less than Three?

When my husband and I started seeing each other all those years ago, I would text him “Less Than Three” instead of the <3 heart emoji. So the name essentially means “I Heart Natural”.