I am sure you have heard of tea tree oil, the native antibacterial oil of Australia. But have you heard about its cousin, the oil kunzea, pronounced “kuhn·zeeuh? Not as widely known as tea tree, kunzea, a plant in the myrtle family, has been used topically by the traditional owners of this land to relieve irritated skin and muscular aches and pains for thousands of years.

The Kunzea oil and hydrosol we source is steam-distilled in Tasmania from the Kunzea ambigua shrub collected from wild-crafted stock which grows abundantly on Flinders Island and North East Tasmania. Tasmania regularly experiences strong westerly winds and a high annual rainfall of over 700mm. This harsh, windy and brisk climate is the ideal environment for the Kunzea plant to thrive.

Kunzea ambigua essential oil is known to provide temporary relief of the pain of arthritis. It is also known to:

• Relieve muscular aches and pains

• Help enhance/improve/promote/increase joint mobility in mild arthritis

• Temporarily relieve joint pain/aches associated with mild arthritis

• Temporarily relieve joint inflammation/swelling associated with mild arthritis

• Assist in the management of dry skin


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