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Skincare – what should you apply when?

Most of us know about the three basic skincare steps; cleanse, tone, moisturise. But where do things like serums, spot treatments and sunscreen go? Some regimes talk about up to ten steps, and if that’s your thing, great! Me, I prefer a simpler routine, but it is purely personal and what works for you. So how do you choose what order in your routine to put the products in?

Your morning routine will probably be a little different to your evening routine, so let’s start with morning.

Basic Morning Routine:

☀️ Cleanse. This can include oil or water based cleansers to remove grime and residue that’s built up overnight. You can then also use an exfoliator or mask, but these should not be used every day and also not if your skin is irritated.

☀️ Tone. Toning removes any residual cleanser and prepares your skin for moisturising.

☀️ Moisturise. This hydrates and sets up protection for the skin for the day. It can come in the form of creams, gels, serums or balms. The basic rule is to apply water-based products before oil-based and go from lightest to thickest. Wait around 30 seconds between each application to help them absorb before adding the next layer. This is to avoid the oil-based products creating a barrier and blocking out the water-based products.

☀️ Sunscreen. It’s essential for protecting the skin against the damaging effects of the sun. Not only can it lower your risk of skin cancer, but it can also reduce signs of aging by blocking damaging UV light.

☀️ Makeup if you choose to wear it.

Basic Evening Routine:

🌙 Cleanse. This should include a makeup remover, oil-based or water-based, or a combination of both such as a Bi-Phase cleanser. It is best to either use one of each (oil-based first) or a two-in-one to ensure you are removing any oil soluble makeup and grime and any build up of dirt.

🌙 Tone. Toning removes any residual cleanser and prepares your skin for moisturising.

🌙 Spot treatment. If required, treat breakouts at night with anti-inflammatory and drying products so that your skin has a better opportunity to repair overnight.

🌙 Moisturise. This can be a night cream, serum, oil or sleep mask, you can add in an eye cream here as well. These are designed to be left on overnight to aid cell repair and hydration as you sleep. So what is my routine?

Here is what I use each day:


🌼Chamomile & Geranium cleansing bar (coming soon) or Desert Lime & Pineapple exfoliating cleanser

🌼Chamomile Toner

🌼Bakuchiol Serum

🌼Blue Tansy Moisturiser


🌺Chamomile Bi-phase makeup remover

🌺Chamomile Toner

🌺Spot treatment on hormone and maskne spots if needed

🌺Facial Night Oil

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