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What is a Bi-Phase Makeup Remover

What is a Bi-Phase Makeup Remover?

A Bi-phase, two-phase or dual-phase makeup remover consists of an oily layer on top of a water based layer. As you would expect with oil and water together, they don’t mix but sit separated in the bottle unless shaken.

The rules of basic chemistry tells us that like dissolves like. Most make-up and facial grime is both water-based and oil-based. For that reason, a cleanser needs to be a combination of both oil and water to work effectively.

When you shake the bottle, the water and oil mix (just like when you shake a salad dressing to combine). After mixing together, some of the activated bi-phase product is usually sprayed onto a facial wipe and lightly swept over the face to remove any make-up and dirt. The oily phase dissolves makeup while the aqueous phase wipes away any water soluble particles and the oily film, so that the skin does not end up greasy. There is no need to rub it in and you should always take care around the eye, where the skin is extremely fragile.

As well as removing grime and makeup, bi-phase cleansers are moisturising and can be enriched with glycerine and botanicals to provide added skin benefits. They are suited to all skin types, people with sensitive skin and eyes, contact lenses wearers, and waterproof makeup wearers. It is also very effective on stage and dance makeup. The simplicity of its ingredients means that it will quickly remove eye makeup without the need to rub and, therefore, irritate your eyelids.

A Bi-phase makeup remover doesn’t need to be a complicated mix of ingredients and because of this it is easy to find or make a natural blend to care for the skin.

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